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Short Hiking Kathmandu

Trekking in Nepal | Go with Nepal Trekking Experts

Hiking around the hills of Kathmandu valley offers you the opportunity to explore Nepalese lifestyle, culture and its natural beauty
champadevi hiking

Short Hiking Tours Near Kathmandu

Short hiking tours near Kathmandu offers you an opportunity to see fantastic mountain views and explore Nepalese countryside without going too far and without climbing high. Besides you do not have to lose the comfort of the city while doing these hikes.

Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by green hills all around. These hills are covered with terraced farms, picturesque villages and lush green forests. Despite being near from Kathmandu these villages are still not affected by modernity and offer a chance to see traditional village life. You can see temples, monasteries and stupas along the trails. You can see farmers working in the fields and pilgrims praying in the monasteries

These Kathmandu hikes are for every age group and for all seasons. If you want to have a taste of trekking in Nepal but do not have time to go all the way up to the remote mountains, these hikes are for you. A Kathmandu trekking, combined with sightseeing tours of heritages sites and a scenic flight to see Mt Everest could make a fantastic short trip of Nepal.

There are many short treks available near Kathmandu ranging from day hikes to short treks of 2days, 3 days or even longer . We have offered here the best three among them.

You can book these Kathmandu hikes separately or ask us to include in your regular tour package. We operate these hiking tours throughout the year and can arrange at your custom date.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Champadevi Nature Hiking – 1 day

Max. Altitude: 2285m. | Area : Kathmandu | Group Size: Minimum 02 person.

Includes: Private Guide | Private Transportation | Food: 1 Lunch
Hiking to Champadevi starts after we have a relaxing breakfast, we drive 16 km south from Kathmandu for an hour to a place called Pharping (on the way to Dakshinkali Temple). From here we start our hike gradually uphill for about half an hour. The trail toward the north ridge and through pine forested area provides fresh smell of wild roots. There are no lunch place along this hike so take some food with you. We continue hiking for about another 3 hours gradually uphill following the trail towards CHAMPADEVI. Langtang and Ganesh mountain range are expected view in clear seasons. The fusion in the view of central and western Himalayan Range is unbelievable to our eyes. After lunch, we stroll around for our wish and then continue hike downhill to Hattiban for 2 hours to catch our car and Drive back to Kathmandu to end our hike to Champadevi.

Shivapuri Nature Hiking – 1 day

Max. Altitude: 2285m. | Area : Kathmandu | Group Size: Minimum 02 person.

Includes: Private Guide | Private Transportation | Food: 1 Lunch
Shivapuri is the second highest peak among the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley at an altitude of 2563m. It is situated on the northern fringe of Kathmandu valley and lies about 12 km away from the center of capital city. Shivapuri National Park is a paradise for bird watchers and a home to 177 species of birds of which 9 are enlisted as endangered, 19 species of mammals and 150 species of butterflies some endemic and rare. This is, out of the total of 800 species of birds, 130 species of mammals and 600 species of butterflies found in Nepal, thus making Shivapuri a paradise for flora and fauna and one of the two National Parks situated in the capital around the world.

Sankhu to Nagarkot Hiking – 1 day

Max. Altitude: 2160m. | Area : Kathmandu | Group Size: Minimum 02 person.

Includes: Private Guide | Private Transportation | Food: 1 Lunch
Your day will start with our guide picking you up at your hotel at 9 am before driving you for five hours to the medieval Newari village of Sankhu. Here you’ll visit the famous pilgrimage site of the Vajrajogini temple, and soak up the atmosphere of an ancient Nepalese village. The trek itself will last for around four hours and take you through forests and more Nepali villages until you arrive at the breathtaking summit of Nagarkot. See for yourself the sweeping panorama of the Himalayas – including Mount Everest on a clear day – and the Kathmandu Valley.

This is definitely a side to Nepal you won’t see if you only stay in Kathmandu.

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